Solo Ads Results

If there is anything you need to know about the traffic we can send you through our solo ads, then it is that our traffic is top quality, highly targeted and typically gets results for our buyers.

solo ad conversion rate forex offer 1

Depending a little bit on your squeeze page, our buyers typically report an optin rate of between 40 and 50%. We ALWAYS recommend that you setup an A/B split-test for your squeeze pages so that you can work towards getting the highest conversion rate from our traffic and ultimately get the most value for the money you are spending.

While we cannot guarantee sales of any sort, our traffic is proven to convert with a wide variety of offers as you can see from the various screenshots below.

forex affiliate sales

solo ads sales

So go ahead and order your solo ad package here. If you want to test out our traffic quality first, we suggest ordering the smallest package of 300 clicks. We’re always ready to provide as much volume as you need, and for bulk purchases we can negotiate more favorable rates for you.

Thanks for reading, and chat soon.
The Forex Traffic Guys